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The Recreational Skipper's Ticket (RST) is Australia's nationally-recognised certificate of competency which shows that the holder has demonstrated the minimum required knowledge and practical skills needed to operate and command a non-commercial powerboat safely.

Who Needs a Skippers Ticket

  • A Skippers Ticket is needed to skipper a vessel with a propulsion system over 6 hp (4.5kW).
  • Anyone over the age of 14, with sufficient eyesight can get a Skippers Ticket.

How to get a Skippers Ticket

  • Australian Boat Schools is an Official Authorised Provider (Authorised by the WA Dept of Transport) and it has boat schools such as Perth Boat School and Skippers Ticket School that do Skippers Tickets, 7 days a week.
  • Australian Boat Schools and their Assessors are fully qualified professionals who train and assist boaters as well as do the RST, 7 days a week. They also do commercial boat operator training for workboats all around Australia.
  • Recreational Skippers Tickets (RST) must be provided by an authorised and accredited training organisation. In the past self-proclaimed 'approved' training providers have issued skippers tickets, despite not meeting the accreditation requirements, rendering the tickets issued as invalid.

Despite being a nationally recognised certification of competency, getting a RST can be done in less than a day.

  • STEP 1: book online using only a fully approved training provider
  • STEP 2: study the Skippers Ticket Workbook
  • STEP 3: complete online practice exam (available at [1] )
  • STEP 4: do the simple theory multiple choice test with the assessor at the boat ramp
  • STEP 5: do the practical in a boat
  • STEP 6: usually its all done in 90 minutes, if you have studied well.

  • To transfer a Boat licence from overseas or interstate, to a WA Skippers Ticket is easy. People who have a valid Boat Drivers Licence or other qualification from interstate or internationally can get a W.A. Skippers Ticket by showing this to a Perth Boat School assessor, filling in some forms and paying a small administration fee. This is available at all Australian Boat Schools.

Skippers Ticket Courses

There are mainly Three methods the Boat Schools use to train and assess.

  • Fast Track; at Perth Boat School you study the Workbook at home, use an online booking system to book the day and time you want to do it, then you meet an assessor at the boat ramp and do the theory test (a simple 30 multiple choice questionnaire) right there. Once you pass the theory, get in the boat and be coached through the Practical until you are at a standard that will ensure you pass. Then when you are ready, you do the assessment. You get an interim certificate on the spot when you pass. Most take 90 minutes, as it is mostly very small groups or usually just you and a trainer. Usually at least 40 minutes actually steering the boat.
  • Full day or weekend courses. Some of the old fashioned boat schools still like to jam a huge group of people into a room, then Theory and Practical are read to you out of the free Workbook and explained very slowly over the time sitting in a classroom. this takes half the day, then another 4 hours sitting in a boat watching other people do things and all up you get about 20 minutes actually steering the boat.
  • Evening Classroom Theory plus some Practical, then more practical and assessment on a boat at a later date.
  • Beginners Courses run by Perth Boat School are mostly one on one and take as long as you take, whether that is 2 or 3 or 4 hours. Trainers and assessors aim to give you the best training you can get, and also the Skippers Ticket at the same time. There is no such thing as fail, they keep working with you and training you and letting you practise until you are competent.

Authorised Providers

Australian Boat Schools must be Registered Training Organisations to do the Skippers Ticket. Australian Boat Schools includes Perth Boat School, Karratha Boat School,

As demand for Recreational Skippers Tickets is continually growing, training locations are being updated on a regular basis. Contact your nearest approved training provider for more information or visit PBS for an up to date list of locations.



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